1.  Noble Trade Centre: renowned name among ductile iron pipe traders in Chennai


Noble trade centre deals with a vast range of Ductile iron pipe fittings in Chennai at an affordable cost. All our ductile iron pipe in Chennai possess a superior grade raw materials and an ultra-modern technology which gives it its flexibility and super strength.

Quality of our Iron Pipes:

Extreme Malleable:

Popular among the top ductile iron pipe fittings suppliers in Chennai, all our products are made of high-quality alloys which makes it more malleable than other iron pipes. Our pipes can work faultlessly in all industrial sectors withstanding extreme conditions.

Damage Resistant:

The ductile iron pipes we procure are made under the guidance of industry experts along with the magical touch of our excellent workers. Not only does it looks glossy with a smooth finish, but it also has the quality to resists any sort of external damage and work flawlessly for an extended period.

Impact Resistant:

Our ductile iron pipes in Chennai leaves quite less carbon footprint due to the usage of your advanced technology and skilled engineering method. With the presence of high-quality carbon and other alloys, all our products can withstand severe impact without getting any fracture, making it an ideal choice for any big industries.

High Durability:

We procure the best quality raw material from our most trustworthy provider. As a result, we provide an end-user product which is highly durable and works fine for a prolonged period.

Installing pipes procured by Noble Trade Centre would be the best decision you will ever make. We have a vast client base, who not only are satisfied with our products but also helps us with valuable referrals.

Feel free to call us at + (91)-9381052346 or mail us at ntcsaif@hotmail.com for our price quotes and more offers.


2.  Genuine Kirloskar motors and accessories at your budget byNoble Trade Centre


Since 2002, Noble Trade Centre has been the proud suppliers of Kirloskar motors in Chennai. Being a renowned brand in its field, Kirloskar is one of the most demanded motors in India. With high demand, spawns some fake traders who sold spurious quality Kirloskar motors under its brand name. Luring under the pretext of remarkably lower cost, these traders are selling a product, which not only tarnishes the image of Kirloskar but also put an innocent client in trouble.

We at Noble trade centre entirely discard spurious products while importing and procuring. Being a genuine supplier of Kirloskar Motors in Chennai, we have hired highly qualified procurement officers and skilled technicians who can quickly detect any counterfeit Kirloskar motors. During the procurement process, our materials go through a stringent quality check to ensure the authenticity. With decades of service, we have built a productive partnership with all top reliable vendors around the country, which helps us in procuring genuine goods at a discounted price.

Sealing a deal with us is quite easy, and with the price we offer, you won’t be needing any further price bargain. Get genuine quality Kirloskar motors in Chennai from us, which possess extreme durability and can withstand any pressure under extreme climate. A genuine Kirloskar pump comes with unique qualities like non-corrosive and non-hazardous, which will be missing if you fall prey to spurious products. All the Kirloskar pumps we deal full complies with IS and BS standards and comes with a threshold of 50-degree centigrade.

Get the best deal of your life just by giving a call at + (91)-9381052346 or emailing at ntcsaif@hotmail.com.


3.  Industrial graded manhole covers for safe usage only at Noble Trade Centre in Chennai

Noble Trade Centre is one of the top suppliers, traders, exporters, exporters and wholesaler of superior quality manhole covers in Chennai. Specially designed to withstand extreme pressure and heavy traffic loads, these manhole covers are easy to install and remove. As our products come with slip resistance materials and possess exceptional electrical insulation properties, making it safe to remove during the regular inspection of the sewer.

Being the leader among top manhole covers manufacturers in Chennai, all our products came with industrial graded material and manufactured under compliance with IS 12592. From ready-made to custom designed manholes, we cater all the requirement of our clients by providing a service to remember. With an aim to optimise our customer satisfaction level, we strictly adhere to a customer-oriented service. With a motto for a lifelong partnership, we serve all our clients with equal respect and provide an extremely high-quality service. Order according to your requirement and we promise you to deliver them at your doorstep within a short time frame. For custom designed manhole pans and covers, do convey us your required size, thickness and shape of the manhole.

Being among the renowned manhole covers dealers in Chennai, we know that every company requires a different type of product based on their requirement. To address the needs of every client, we have categorised our manhole covers into:

  • Light Duty
  • Medium Duty
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extra Heavy Duty

No need to pay any additional money if your requirement is low. A residential manhole cover doesn’t need to possess that sturdiness as it requires in a large manufacturing.



Are you in trauma concerning transmission of water at your home or else work place? Often from construction of building to finishing structure everywhere water is needed. Hence transportation of water from one source to another is very essential.


Ductile iron pipe is commonly referred to a pipe ended up by implementation of ductile iron universally used for potable water transmission and distribution. The ductile iron is used to manufacture the pipe and is pigeonholed by the spheroidal or nodular nature of the graphite within the iron. Archetypally these pipes are manufactured using centrifugal casting in metal or resin lined moulds. Shielding coral linings and external coatings are often applied to ductile iron pipes to inhibit corrosion.


  • It requires very little maintenance once it’s installed and is designed to last at least 100 years.
  • These pipes are highly ductile in nature.
  • Having 98% recyclable component, it is itself a 100% recyclable material.
  • They are available in reasonable price.
  • These pipes are strong enough too with stand most severe condition.
  • Have tremendous capability of resisting corrosion.
  • With strength, durability and conservative design it is the pipe of choice to protect against surges and increased pressure loadings over the year.
  • Installation is easy as well as safe for workers.


The ductile iron pipe is a pipe made of ductile cast iron frequently used for portable water transmission and distribution. This type of pipe is a direct development of earlier cast iron pipe, which it has deferred.


Ingrained in the year 2002, Noble trade Centre group of company have conventionalized their industry in height and betrothed in supplying, exporting, importing, wholesaling, trading &dispensing of ductile iron pipe and allied products to well accredited name in a very short span of time.Other than ductile iron pipe we also deal with a variant of products such as pumps, motors, valves, Victaulic coupling, manhole covers, PVC steps, etc. with constant innovation and dedication we have successfully earned the top position in the segment of ductile iron pipe in chennai.




Searching for strong manhole covers for your locality? We will help you find proficient man hole covers. Manhole covers are very imperative as they play an immense part in safety and security for the people. It’s high time to implement dexterous manhole covers.


Manholes are often referred as a removable plate forming the lid over the opening of the manhole. This cover is designed in such a way that prevents any individual or anything falling inside the manhole. Manhole covers are often made up of cast iron, concrete, or combination of both of them. This makes them reasonable, resilient usually weighing more than 113 kilograms. The weight aids them to keep in place when traffic passes over them, and makes it tough for unauthorized people to remove it without appropriate tools.


  • Have zero scrap value and eradicate manhole lid theft.
  • Reduce workers injuries.
  • Are locked into the manhole surface.
  • Are fully traffic rated.
  • Reduce inflow & infiltration in sewers.
  • Ideal for corrosive environments.
  • Diminishes odors.
  • Ideal for non-conductive applications.
  • Reduce operation cost and save energy.


Noble trade center a preeminent manhole covers manufacturers in Chennai have endeavor to comprehend the industrial needs of the client for industrial supplies of qualitative manhole covers in Chennai and procure only the appropriate assortment of products from reliable vendors. Established in the year 2002, with continuous novelty and enthusiasm the company has succeeded in accumulating a wide base of clients. Other than manhole covers we also deal with a variant of products such as pumps, motors, valves, Victaulic coupling, ductile iron pipe fittings, PVC steps, etc. we have several benefits over our competitors in the market which have helped us to achieve the most preferred name in a very short span of time.



Are you in search of efficient machines to work effortlessly? Often people quest for resourceful machineries to make the task easy at the same time they also check for long durable products. Motors that runs 24 hours without any technical issue or halt, make us meet our desire targets at required time limit.


According to science an electric is a machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most of the machines operate through the collaboration amongst the motors magnetic field and winding currents to generate force in the form of rotation. Motors can operate by using Alternate current source such as power grids, inverters, or electrical generators as well as by Direct current such as batteries, motor vehicles or rectifiers.


Kirloskar delivers such motors that are designed with heavy duty parameters to meet the diverse needs of the upcoming industry. The Kirloskar motors are contrived using the latest technology ensuring high efficiency, reliability in operation and service over a long period requiring minimal responsiveness.

Kirloskar group of company is an Indian corporation headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The company exports its operative products to over 70 countries. The kirloskar has proven itself as the best motor manufacturer in Chennai with its enhancing products.


  • It saves time and moderates over- exertion.
  • Highly efficient as they do not have to spend a plenty of energy moving water into the pumps.
  • Usable at several inclination angles.
  • Non-overloading power characteristics.
  • Great durability.


Entrenched in the year 2002, Noble trade Centre group of company have established their industry in height and affianced in supplying, exporting, importing, wholesaling, trading & distributing of motors and allied products to well acknowledged name in a very short span of time. The company has set the standard of dealing with cost effective and durable product and has conquered the top position paralleled to any other competent. If you are in pursuit of such Kirloskar motors in Chennaithen visit our outlet and grab the best deal as soon as possible.